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Being close to your true fans


This is a nice way to be close to your most devoted fans – Dave Grohl, of Foo Fighters, says he’ll make good on his promise to go for beer with two Australian miners who listened to the Foo Fighters while trapped underground for two weeks.

The entire story here.

Google Open Source hosting


Google released a new project – an open source repository available here: More details about the service in this article.

Unreleased discovered


After 500 Beatles tapes were found – with the members of the band singing, jamming and talking -, now a Jimi Hendrix new-found track is to be put up for sale. Links are here and here.

Edvin Marton concert in Romania


Edvin Marton, the Hungarian violonist known for his music for skating performances, is going to hold a concert in Romania in end of September. More details here.



It seems I finally discovered a Dimmu Borgir song which I like – Perfection or Vanity. Probably because it’s instrumental :) Thanks to Mada.


The “Thanks culture”


I am lucky enough to work in a company where everybody uses “Thanks”, “Thank you”, “Multumesc”, “Mersi” or “Danke” as often as they can. For example, you go to someone and ask for something, he says ok, you say “Thanks”, he says “Thanks” back.

I think this is one of those small things which create a positive attitude inside the office…even though sometimes it sounds kind of funny.

Thanks !