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Thanx to my good friend Octi for pointing out this “bitch” to me.

(He said she reminded him of me, so I was bound to like her from the start…)

I just love her rough voice and all her covers sound excellent; they really got my blood pumping again – after a very exhausting week/month/trimester of my life :)

I hope you will enjoy the songs as much as I did. After all, the world needs as many bitches as it can get…

Bitch Fest

Hurrah Part 1. Music Festivals Part 2


I noticed that in Romania you have two types of hipsters. It all stems from communist censorship I think- people in their twenties want to deny a heavy burden of a past by hating the mainstream and anything that has to do with the (musical) past and can’t be retro-hip; and rockers perpetuate that fuck the system adage by hating the mainstream head-banger style. Electro music fans or rawk fans, two camps that are in no way camp. You could look at rock at being more traditional form of dissent and electro is just the opposite, so scenester definitions no.2 respectively no.1 apply. On one side you have Therion or Nightwish or whatever (when did we become fucking nordic-philes?) on the other hand you got a bunch of DJs. The Rogue Wave or Mazarin we leave to the NY hipsters while we deal with extremes.

But finally… A home grown festival all of our own. Artmania Sibiu 2006 (official site). I can’t say it would be refreshing for me to see H.I.M. live, but I know some of you out there are squealing squeals of joy. The festival’s in July. Tickets are 65 RON. That’s uh what..20 euros. For a four-band mini-fest. HIM, Amorphis, SILENTIVM, Carmen Gray. Be warned: angry black-background links those are.
And remember: it is not recommended to bring infants in prams or children under 5 years old to the festival area. Or drugs of any nature, not that you would.

carmen gray

The Cribs have nothing to do with the festival. But I think the scenesters song touches on the earlier subject I was contemplating.

The Cribs – Hey Scenesters! mp3 (via iHud file storage)

If you’d like to hurrah something, do it now so that all our 30 unique hits/day know about it. Being a scenester doesn’t mean you can’t share.