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Kramer listening to Nero


A funny video mixing Nero’s Crush on You track with Kramer’s driving scene, from Seinfeld :).

Gotye (via Adrian Despot)


I’ve recently learned that Adrian Despot is writing (again) on music, on the Mixtopia site. He is one of the most knowledgeable people on rock music, so his blog should make a good refference on this topic.

Looking through his posts, I came across Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know. Gotye is a Belgian artist who has already released three albums. Somebody That I Used To Know is from his third album, called Making Mirrors. Enjoy!

Graffiti6 album coming in one week


UK’s Graffiti6 are expected to release their Colours album in one week. It can already preordered on Amazon at 9.99$.

Most people know Graffiti6 from their Stair into the Sun track. This was one of the first tracks they released and it was also featured on the soundtrack for a The Sun newspaper ad, in UK.

Since everybody knows Stare Into The Sun, let’s also hear Free, another track to be featured on Colours.

Free by Graffiti6 on Grooveshark

Going good


So, we upgraded the wordpress platform (thanks, Zooku) and we fixed the comments issue (thanks, Adi) so things are looking good for the comeback.

Let’s celebrate with a Romanian song made by two ex-Butterflyies in my stomach members – Yellow Project – As vrea sa te sarut.

Yellow Project – As vrea sa te sarut (cu Sorin Romanescu) by Yellow Project

After 4 years…


It’s been 4 years since the last post on this blog… and now we’re back :)!

I’ve managed to restore a back-up from 2008 (which is about when the old stopped) and thus retrieve a lot of the previous posts. However, a significant amount of content data (images and music files) are lost, so links to them won’t work anymore. However, if you want to browse to what has said before here, you can at least find the texts :)

Luckily, the design survived and Mihai Dragan did a great job – I still like it, after all these years! It will take some days to fix all the old bits and pieces (upgrade wordpress, for example), so sorry for any inconveniences that might occur.

Until we’re fully back on track, let’s listen to some new stuff!
Rudeboy by Dub Incorporation on Grooveshark