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Rock feat hip-hop


Don’t know why I haven’t shared this so far as it features two of my favourite bands – Rage Against The Machine and Cypress Hill. Even more, it’s a great live performance!

Enjoy How Could I Just Kill A Man below!

Busy times


It’s been quite a busy period and haven’t found the time to post lately, but here is an old song in a great interpretation.

Listen to David Gilmour – Wish you were here, acoustic version, below

Byron – live from 100 meters below earth


Byron is an artist I followed since about ten years ago, since he was playing with Kumm and Urma. Since 2006 he started the byron project and they released four albums so far. This year they are releasing their fifth, and this is special :).

Live Underground” is a DVD that was filmed with the band playing live in the Turda salt mine. This is one of the most famous salt mines in Romania, a popular touristic place and a location considered to have great acoustics. Dan, the lead singer of byron, recently gave an interview where he explained in more detail how the show was filmed – it’s quite interesting and you can find it here (Romanian version only).

For their album release, which is going to happen of 3rd of May in Silver Church in Bucharest, the band asked the bloggers to imagine and propose a scenario to record a video for one of the band’s songs. So I thought of two of them, both of them related to the salt mine – even though I’m not so sure the guys will want to go back there :)

- first of all, I think the Zeitgeist song would fit great. The salt mine gives the impresion of a labirinth and can easily serve as setting for a prison, work camp or such. It would be a powerful video for Zeitgeist to simulate the manipulations and some of the oppresions typical for a work camp, some of them relating with the lyrics of Zeitgeist. Listen to the song for yourselves below


- another song, which I am quite fond of, is Ochii Tai. Listening to this and picturing the band playing it in the salt mine, one of the video ideas I thought of was the a boy, chasing a girl in the dark, seeing only her eyes. As I said before, the salt mine looks like a labirinth, so again the setting is there. This is one of the very few songs the band sings in Romanian and I think it deserves a video of its own :). The song is below.

What do you think? Which byron song would you like to see in a video and what would be the scenario?

P.S. Find more about byron on their website or on facebook.

For the weekend


For some energy during this long weekend in Romania, let’s go with Billy Idol and Dancing with myself. Have a good vacation!

Enjoy the video below



A song for the weekend, to get in the mood. Rock on!

“So much depends on the weather”


From somewhere between alternative and hard rock, Plush became one of the best known song from Stone Temple Pilots. And for no particular reason, it fits as song of today :)

Enjoy it below!

Coachella live streaming


If you can’t attend Coachella this year, you can still see it live, on their youtube live streaming. As you probably know, the lineup this year includes Arctic Monkeys, DJ Shadow, Gotye, Kaiser Chefs, Kasabian, Noel Gallagher, Pulp, Radiohead, St. Vincent and oh so many others!


Garbage new album – first 2 singles


It’s been 7 years since the last Garbage album and the band are set to release a new one, Not Your Kind of People, next month. So far, two singles have been released, which you can listen to below.

In my view, Blood for Poppies sounds significantly better, more alive and it emphasises better Shirley Manson’s voice. Which one you prefer?

Blood for Poppies

Battle in Me

Linkin Park in Bucharest – June 2012


Linkin Park will be coming to Bucharest on June 6th this year. The rumour was confirmed officialy on their website.

And to get you in the mood, let’s see one of their live performances. Enjoy Faint below



As it is very appropriate with the times, a song from one of my all-time favourite bands. Deep Purple – April. It is one of the most complex projects Deep Purple ever made and it is one (or the only one) of the songs they never performed live. One of the reasons is that for the second part of the song (the orchestra part), none of the Deep Purple members are playing :)

Enjoy April below.