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Stay Away


It is a great feeling to listen to this song, really loud, while driving.

Enjoy Nirvana’s Stay Away, from the Nevermind album, below.

Golden Brown


This week starts with Golden Brown, from one of the most prolific bands of the UK punk scene – The Stranglers. The song was also featured on Snatch Soundtrack. It was released 31 years ago…

Enjoy The Stranglers – Golden Brown below

Simple Pleasures


Today’s song comes from Kasabian and their 2011 album – Velociraptor. With a Gorrilaz-like sound, it starts great and continues… okish :)

Enjoy Kasabian – Man of Simple Pleasures below. And have a great weekend!

Mambo Craze


This song reminds me of driving around on winding roads, throughout Europe. It was one of the favourites to listen to in the car. Still sounds great!

Enjoy De Phazz – Mambo Craze below

Fuck you, no “forget”


Some people are weird.. This guy put out a song – which is quite ok in my view – and then made another version where the “fuck” was replaced with “forget”. All this while the song is about a girl who is after his money, cheating him and so on. Forget you? No, come on, fuck you is the right way!

Enjoy Cee Lo Green – Fuck You below

Heavy Cross


This is strange… this song is quite nice but I cannot really share the video. I do appreciate that anyone has the right to their own image, but I have the right not to share it – that girl is way too fat :). Still, she has a great voice, which is probably the reason why this song makes it here.

Therefore, Gossip – Heavy Cross (lyrics video).

513 years from now


From about ten days ago, a song I’ve heard and enjoyed a lot. It is not the original version – by Zager and Evans – but a version that sounds very good in my view.

Enjoy The Feeling – In the year 2525

Song of the week(end)


It’s been a weekend with quite some time spent in the car. Driving. And i’ve heard this so many times, it must be the song of the weekend. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Florence + The Machine, this one sounds great.

Enjoy Dog Days Are Over below

Big in Japan


When hearing Big in Japan, most people think about the Guano Apes cover of the song with the same name, from Alphaville. It’s not the case here, Tom Waits‘ Big in Japan is a different song entirely. A really great one!

Enjoy it below. Don’t worry if you won’t hear much in the beginning, the song starts at about 0:40 :)

La pluie


We had about two weeks of almost continuous rain in Bucharest. Finally, it is over. But the rain song below still sounds great. I wrote about Zaz a while ago, this is another great song from them.

Enjoy ZAZ – La Pluie below