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Yesterday, Cristi recommended to listen to a band he found recently, called Seether. As he mentioned something about them sounding somehow similar to Nirvana, I proceeded. And I must say it sounds very decent for such a young group.

Also, they have some covers of Nirvana, which to me proves they are really inspired by Kurt Cobain & Co. But anyways, they sound pretty original and well-put-together, with some heavy riffs from time to time to add more weight to the sound.

It made it to my standard playlist, so I guess it’s worth giving it a try :)

Good things: tracks like Broken, 69 Tea, Gasoline, Remedy.
Interesting: they are from South Africa.

Things to look for this year


Out of my knowledge so far, this are some of the most important events to expect in new album releases in 2006:

- Implant pentru Refuz to launch “Monolith” in February
- ACDC to launch the “Get Back in Rock” album in March
- David Gilmour to launch “On an Island” in March
- Red Hot Chilli Peppers to launch “Stadium Arcadium” in April
- Guns ‘N Roses are expected to come back with another album, called “Chinese Democracy”, sometimes this year.
- Also Sepultura should release “Dante XXI” this year
- Roger Waters, U2 and Motorhead should announce some albums this year. Hopefully, so will Joe Satriani.

Looking forward for all of the above, and also for some nice surprises !

Ah, and you can also expect me to buy a new external USB hard-drive to store all the music to :)