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From CD to MP3

26.Feb provides quite an interesting and innovative service…they take your CD collection and convert it in MP3, WMA or similar formats, for you to listen on the iPod or computer.

Quite innovative, as they are addressing themselves to some niche customers, who have been collecting CDs for a long time and now they want to move to more recent technology benefits.

Also, they somehow manage to earn their customer’s trust in transporting and handling the provided CDs. Of course, they provide a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service.

Could we expect this in Romania soon? I would love to have my cassettes converted into MP3 :)

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Why not just download the mp3s at an encoding rate of your choice?!

As I said, it addresses to some niche customers…thouse who respect copyright and do not want to encourage (through their example) downloading of MP3.

Plus, it takes time to search and download hundreds of CDs you have been collecting for years.

I still have around 300 tapes in my house; and I have found almost all to download. Anyway, when I bought the tapes in the first place I didn’t help the author much as they were forged in Poland or Bulgaria. However, when starting buying CDs, I rarely could find an original of what I was looking for. I had more luck with forged CDs instead. So, for me, downloading them feels like the natural choice.

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