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Jamming back at you


Some months ago I used to wake up on the sound of a song which, even though it’s quite a powerful rock, it seemed to me quite motivating for starting the mornings. Maybe it was because of that “rests his head on a pillow made of concrete” verse in the beginning :)

Pearl Jam – World Wide Suicide
Video sent by mihaibotea

Today, another nice news came as it seems in a couple of months I am going to have some new tracks to put on display in the morning, as Pearl Jam announced a new album (the eighth) to be released on 2nd of May this year.

And another nice news is that the first song from this album will be available starting with 8th of March.

Also, together with the announcement of their new album they made some nice changes to the website.

You can listen to a small sample of the first song of their new album, World Wide Suicide, in the box on the left. Hope you like it !