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Romanian music you say…


DJ Project - Music BlogI am not a great fan of house music (and related genres) except for some Vocal Trance now and then and some bands which I particularly like for no particular reason.

Like DJ Project for example. I don’t know if it is the music (as I said, I am not a big fan of the genre), the lyrics (they are not too smart or too inspiring), might be the attitude or the looks (yeah, the girl looks great) or all of the above in a certain mix.

What is even more surprising is that I liked quite a lot of songs from them, specially those with less house effects and more lyrics.

The sound is quite a good one, which is easy to explain if you look at Gino, one of the band members, who worked previously (about ten years ago) with bands like DJ Bobo, Fun Factory, Tom Novi and others. It is a certain maturity which you can feel in their music.

As usual, Musicblog is strongly supporting some of the best Romanian artists and is strongly recommending you to buy one of their albums. Just for you to get a feeling of DJ Project, open your radios for some time or listen to this – Soapte.


Omens of the past


I haven’t personally heard The Arctic Monkeys on Romanian radio (OK I don’t listen to radio that much- I’ll vent in another post) but if there indeed are people who haven’t heard of them then read this post.
For those of you fed up with them being overhyped I’ll have to refer y’all to the same hilarious post regarding just that.

Brownie Points for Dirty Wellies*



The truth is I’ve never been to a music festival. But there are some facts I deem as common knowledge.
If you let your tent be your energy, then it’s always going to be too hot if there’s any bit of sunshine. You’ll be sharing your living space with red-necked English folk who can’t play guitar properly but really want to prove to anyone who won’t listen that they have fought lions bare-handed, they have supressed entire civilizations, oh yes they are Englishmen. They can bloody well play the guitar. I’m allowed to say that, I’m like half British.

If you go to the UK, chances are you’ll have one top experience music-wise but let it not get smothered by the mud. It’s going to be everywhere, so luckily you can buy a pair of rubber stockings (said wellies) to protect your feet from getting violated by the grime. The cigarettes you’ll soon put in the back of your head when you see that a pack of 18 is almost a fiver. Oh and prepare to be shocked, Brits are friendly and they talk about the weather and a variety of other subjects.

The festival I’ll be mentioning today is Electric Picnic. Just imagine..” a 600 acre estate with it’s own lake, surrounded by ancient oak and chestnut trees“. Ok it’s pamphlet-y but I already listed some cons of festivals, let’s be optimistic here. Stradbally Hall, that’s the place, one hour away from Dublin (walking? jogging? by car?). Tickets cost €175 which includes three days plus camping

Here’s two very different artists performing at Electric Picnic:

Rufus Wainwright – Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk – total download buy

DJ Shadow – 3 Freaks (feat.Keak Da Sneak & Turf Talk) – it’s a stream

Festivals of music. Peace, pints, spliffs and … Just peachy.

*Wellington boots