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New recommandation


It seems that lately a lot of nice girls are recommanding good music to me, which I am very happy about. I get to listen to tracks which, in some cases, make me fall for them immediatelly and I get to discover things I realize I should have known years ago about.

This time, the recommandation comes from a girl who is into design, geography, hand-making things and generally a lot of things which have to do with estethics. Always a nice “job” for a girl :)

She sent this track to me – Stonebridge – Put ‘Em High – and I started loving it right away. It’s an excelent combination of nice rhythm (even though quite dance-house), a great voice (I always love this kind of vocals, specially in house music) and a beautiful touch of Spanish-like guitar which gives a certain elegance to the sound.

Thanks, Rooz, really appreciate it !