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Rock in Hay


The third edition of the Fan (Hay) Festival in Rosia Montana – an event that aims at encouraging responsible behavior toward the environment – will take place between August 25 and 27, gathering over 30 performers and bands from Romania and abroad to support pro-bono the “Save Rosia Montana” campaign.

The lineup for the festival includes Romanian bands Luna Amara, Implant pentru Refuz, Altar, Kumm, Blazzaj, Guerrillas and Da Hood, and international acts Cartweel from Bulgaria, Nada and La Papa Verde from Germany and Agent Smith and No Substance from the U.K.

I remember that in the beginning mostly hip-hop bands would play at this, but now the line-up has changed a little bit. So if you enjoy some rock – and not only – music, you are welcome at the Hay Festival.

Sibiu welcomes some Rock


The lineup for the Artmania Festival from July 14 to 16 in Sibiu sees Finnish bands H.I.M., Nightwish and Amorphis sharing the stage with Romanian acts Kumm and Luna Amara. 

For the first time ever, H.I.M. has decided to include Romania on a tour, playing Sibiu on July 15 as part of their “Dark Light” world tour.

Nightwish, another top Finnish export, is no stranger to the Romanian public, as the band has played in Bucharest both in 2004 and 2005. The band will present their latest DVD “End of An Era” during the event.

Also, Amorphis is going to play in the same festival, so a nice rock night is granted.