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Spaceman feeling – $15 mil.


SpacewalkThis year I decided I will take a vacation. A typical one, 2 weeks long, going someplace nice with some nice friends and such. Therefore, the planning started and there are various options to consider. From going to a distant island and doing nothing to travelling around the country or just hanging around the house and doing all those things you never find the time to do – all of them sound somehow interesting.

But one of them looks particularly interesting, too bad for the price tag which makes it quite unaffordable – a walk in the space.

Space Adventures Ltd., a company based in Vienna, Va., that has sent three very wealthy men to orbit the earth on the International Space Station, is planning to announce today that future customers will be able to take an hour-and-a-half trip outside the station as well.

The price? Just $15 million, on top of the $20 million for the flight itself.

The spacewalks have been approved by the Federal Space Agency of the Russian Federation, which provides training and transportation to the station on Soyuz rockets, said Eric Anderson, the chief executive of Space Adventures.

So finally you can get to know how a spaceman feels like. For a preview of how it should feel like, Babylon Zoo’s Spaceman might provide some insight. Really nice track, with an excellent video.

UPDATE: And, if you are to go for it, here is what the wake-up tune in space is – ABBA – I had a dream :) Here is the story.

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