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Unreleased discovered


After 500 Beatles tapes were found – with the members of the band singing, jamming and talking -, now a Jimi Hendrix new-found track is to be put up for sale. Links are here and here.

Folk You !


Folk You FestivalI was happy to hear that some thought of the spirit of Vama Veche – and not only – in connection to the Folk music, not only rock. This is how Jurnalul National and Radio3Net managed to put together, for the second time, this folk festival – Folk You !.

Last year it took place in Vama Veche and at Gura Portitei, this year it is going to be in 4 locations – Mamaia, Neptun, Costinesti, 2 Mai and Vama Veche. I am not sure what sort of audience will follow them in the first 3 locations, but I hope I will catch them in one of the latter.

The festival is taking place between 3rd and 26th of August. On the stage you can find Florian Pittis, Ducu Bertzi, Mircea Vintila, Florin Chilian, Alexandru Andries, Nicu Alifantis and many others. You can find the entire schedule here.

R.I.P, Mr. Bran !


Mihai gave me the sad news today. One of the teachers I admired most in University – Prof. Dr. Paul Bran – passed away because of a heart-attack. He was one of the few teachers actually trying to apply what he was teaching in the real business life and he had a great passion for his job. Also, he was one of the closest to the students and helped a lot of them in their activities.

Rest In Peace !