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Google Music Trends


Since some days ago, Google opened a new project, called Google Music Trends – based on the anonymus data from Google Talk they are able to say which are the top most listened / preffered songs worldwide. If this will continue, it is going to cover a much bigger range of users which other music charts are not covering, but this depends mostly on the number of users taken into account.

Until now, there are different figures regarding the total number of users of GTalk. Some say it’s 866.000 [link], others mention a figure as high as 7.126.000 users [link]. Due to the fact Google Talk can also be used directly from the browser, with the Gmail window open and does not require a special install, it might be hard to find out the real number, but I believe it is a pretty high one.

Recently, almost every time I look at the new things released by Google, I tend to belive that the “20% time for own projects” culture thing is really working and a lot of products are being developed in that fashion.