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Les chansons de Zaz


In the last couple of years I’ve found some really good jazz / blues singers and few of them come from France. I’ve always had a weekness for French “chansons” despite my lack of French language knowledge :).

One of the singers I really like is Zaz, who started her career about two years ago and became one of the most aknowledged new voices in France. Her style, “gypsy jazz” as she described it, falls somewhere between jazz and pop, usually having a good rhythm, with simple instrumentals and a most remarkable voice. It’s the kind of music you expect to hear in a French cafe, while sipping a latte :)

Probably one of her best known songs is Le Long De La Route, from her first album, released in 2010. You can buy the album on Amazon and below you can listen to Le Long de la Route. Looking forward to your views on Zaz!