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The Cranberries to release a new album


After more than 10 years since their last studio album, The Cranberries, who have reunited a couple of years ago, are expected to release Roses in end of February 2012. I was never quite a big fan but it will be interesting to see if/how their sound changed since the ’90s.

Below you can hear Tomorrow – one of the first singles out from this album.

Nada Surf releases new album


Do you remember Nada Surf, the US band who released the Popular single back in 1996? It was all over the radios back then. In the meantime, Nada Surf had some more albums and this year they reached their 7th. It’s called The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy and has been released two days ago in Europe and UK.

Below you can listen to one of the songs from this album, Waiting for Something. And you can also download it too :). Additionally, you can listen online to the entire album here (requires Spotify).