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Two new tracks


Not much going on recently in my music habits, except for the recent discovery of two excellent tracks.

The first one is from the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift movie – it is actually the opening track, sang by DJ Shadow and is entitled Six Days. I was just too impressed when I first heard it and I immediately searched for it – you can find the video here.

The second comes from the radio and it was a pretty hard challenge to identify it. It is one of the very few house / dance bands in Romania I appreciate and it is the first single out of their future album – Activ – Reasons. You can download it following the link – not hosted by musicblog – or you can just wait for the album to go and legally buy it.

Quite strange that both tracks are from the same genre, not one I would particularly like, but maybe it is just my mood of driving these days….

For the smart indie reader.Unsigned.


I come with cheer and cute voice and banjo, too much doom going on here.

One of these days people are going to run out of band names. Hop Along, Queen Ansleis is a
friendly indie gal requesting you to “bring something to shake or bang on” at her shows which is encouraging news. I linked her myspace page where you can listen to two very folky songs.


In further indie electro webcrawling we have relentlessly kitschy Yelle as one French chick singing about well what you’d expect disco divas to… ridiculous lovely raunchy lyrics.

Should anyone want mp3s let me know.

Brownie Points for Dirty Wellies*



The truth is I’ve never been to a music festival. But there are some facts I deem as common knowledge.
If you let your tent be your energy, then it’s always going to be too hot if there’s any bit of sunshine. You’ll be sharing your living space with red-necked English folk who can’t play guitar properly but really want to prove to anyone who won’t listen that they have fought lions bare-handed, they have supressed entire civilizations, oh yes they are Englishmen. They can bloody well play the guitar. I’m allowed to say that, I’m like half British.

If you go to the UK, chances are you’ll have one top experience music-wise but let it not get smothered by the mud. It’s going to be everywhere, so luckily you can buy a pair of rubber stockings (said wellies) to protect your feet from getting violated by the grime. The cigarettes you’ll soon put in the back of your head when you see that a pack of 18 is almost a fiver. Oh and prepare to be shocked, Brits are friendly and they talk about the weather and a variety of other subjects.

The festival I’ll be mentioning today is Electric Picnic. Just imagine..” a 600 acre estate with it’s own lake, surrounded by ancient oak and chestnut trees“. Ok it’s pamphlet-y but I already listed some cons of festivals, let’s be optimistic here. Stradbally Hall, that’s the place, one hour away from Dublin (walking? jogging? by car?). Tickets cost €175 which includes three days plus camping

Here’s two very different artists performing at Electric Picnic:

Rufus Wainwright – Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk – total download buy

DJ Shadow – 3 Freaks (feat.Keak Da Sneak & Turf Talk) – it’s a stream

Festivals of music. Peace, pints, spliffs and … Just peachy.

*Wellington boots