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FW: Recommandation


Velvet UndergoundDi Ana is one of the people who always has some nice song recommendations for me. This is why I invited her repeatedly to post on this blog, but every time she refused to do so, due to lack of time and such.

Still, as this is the second time I see her listening to Velvet Underground, I decided to post about this band. An US band best known in the 70s, they reunited in 1992 for a couple of years. They feature an excelent sound and, although not very commercially succesful, they had a great impact on the rock sound of those years.

Together with their reunion in 1993 came one of the singles I like most – also being the first I listened to – called Venus in Furs. It is now for you to listen to, appreciate and make them a regular of your playlists.

[MP3] Velvet Underground – Venus in Furs.

Hopefully, Di Ana will come back with some more suggestions and eventually some posts here :)

Trafic Counter suggestions welcome


I am in search of a good trafic counter which goes well with wordpress. A plugin would be the preffered option. Can anyone help with some suggestions?

I want the standard functionality, but most important it is to be reliable. Currently, Google Analytics provides some data which totally conflict with AWstats which is installed on the server.

Thanks !

To review …


Throughout this entire month I kept a folder called “To review” where I decided to put all the songs I come upon during my (not so) daily hops on other music blogs – an effort for being more organized and make sure I don’t miss too much. Now the time has come to clean up the folder and see what was really valuable in there.

Except for some old tracks I knew for a long time and I gladly discovered them (some Nirvana, some RHCP and others), most of the things were crap pop-rock tracks, where a bunch of British-sound-like guys were torturing some instruments (the more, the better) and screaming at the microphone. That’s not music, it’s just some wanna-be people trying to impress a record label. 

Still, I managed to find a new artist I immediatelly fell for – a jazz / piano singer called Regina Spektor. I found her thanks to I Guess I’m Floating blog, which tipically provides some nice tracks.

So, if you are curious what is the most beautiful music I discovered this month, here it is, a sample – Regina Spektor – On the Radio.

Havana Lounge


Buena Vista Social Club - Havana LoungeAs I could not attend this second Buena Vista concert this month, I asked a good friend, Dani, to write about it. Here is how she felt it:

“Thursday, 25th May a great concert took place at Sala Palatului -  “Live from Buena Vista – Havana Lounge”. The concert was held in the memory of Pyo Leyva who should have made this concert if he hadn’t passed away because of a heart disease on March 23rd. It turned out to be a genuine show that was definitely worth the money, due to an excellent performance of all the artists present on stage: Teresa Garcia Caturla, Guillermo Rubalcaba, Yanko Pizaco si Alberto Virgilio, Valdéz, Maria Viktoria Rodriguez and many more.

Teresa Garcia Caturla, the lead singer managed to electrify the entire audience and made everyone dance and have fun. She even came down from the stage and started to dance with the audience. In the end she played with the spectators a popular Cuban sport very alike to baseball.

Another star of the night was Guillermo Rubalcaba who managed to make magic every single song thanks to his piano. The solo he made entertained the audience to the maximum and at one point he even joked about leaving the stage as everybody sang along with him.

Other solos were given by the percussionists, the two guitarists and the trumpeters, the main attraction being Yanko Pizaco – the first trumpeteer of Afro Cuban All Stars. Every artist from the band succeeded in making the public feel excellent.

And now a few things about the beginning of the show: a very lousy one. The band that started the concert was Mandinga which, despite its change of image and style their music didn’t improve. Their performance only managed to underline the value of the true artists like Buena Vista.”